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    White Acoustic Ceiling Panels

"UltraQuiet" - White Melamine Foam Panels
Flame resistant, open cell white acoustic foam panel made from melamine resin, a duroplastic synthetic material. Designed primarily for ceiling applications yet are suitable for most walls. Suitable for both commercial and residential acoustic control.

Aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, soft, smooth and consistent surface. Easy to install using liquid nails, silicon adhesive or double sided Velcro. Available only in Arctic White which is a perfect colour match for standard ceiling white paint.

How much ceiling coverage is required?

Not sure how many? No problem. We offer FREE room reverberation reports so you can purchase with confidence. Simply email your room dimensions (length, width & height) and surface materials (walls, ceiling & flooring). Software generated reports estimate current room reverb times and resulting reverb times with panels added.

Key Features
  High sound absorption capacity
  Completely safe & odourless
  Soft & flexible
  Cost effective
  Easy to install & cut
  Flame resistant
Common Applications
  Interview rooms
  Board rooms
  Residential rooms
  Office ceilings
  Waiting rooms

Standard Size: 625mm x 625mm x 50mm with bevelled edge

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Brochure


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