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Bright & Vibrant Fabric Printed Panels

Create your own decorative, custom acoustic panels. How does it work? We print your selected images or artwork on acoustically transparent fabric, then use that printed fabric in our standard acoustic panel manufacturing process, combining gorgeous matte finish prints with the superior sound absorbing properties of the R3B Acoustic Panel. The advanced print process observes the smallest details. Dyes are water based, providing sharper prints & a vivid colour spectrum far larger and brighter than oil based printing & unlike oil based printing, our dyes have no VOC emissions & no odour.

Printed on lightweight 100% Polyester
Standard sizes: 900x600 - 1200x600 - 1200x900
We accept: JPG, PNG, EPS, PSD, PDF, AI, RAW
Turnaround: 5-10 business days


Acoustic Art Panels are the perfect addition to any space. Whether you want to add a few statement pieces to your living room or create a calming atmosphere in a busy office, we customise to suit your personal style and taste from abstract art to nature-inspired designs, the options are endless.

We use a smooth textured 100% polyester fabric that is acoustically transparent (designed to allow sound to pass through easily and be absorbed). This is essential for controlling reverberation and sound reflections in any room, whether it's a home theater, recording studio, or office space. Lightweight, acoustically transparent fabric will ensure that the sound absorbing properties of the panel are not compromised.

The print process is an innovative technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. One of the key advantages of this printing method is its ability to produce high-quality images with stunning color accuracy and sharpness. Unlike traditional printing methods, this advanced technology ensures that prints are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, guaranteeing that your designs will stand the test of time. The process is also environmentally friendly, using water-based inks that contain no harmful chemicals or solvents and emit no odour.

NRC - acoustic performance

Acoustic Performance - What is NRC?

The NRC of a material indicates its ability to absorb sound. The greater the NRC, the better a material is in reducing the amount of noise that bounces around a room before reaching your ears. In general, a high NRC rating indicates that less coverage is required to produce noticeable results. Ratings are stated as decimals ranging from 0 to 1, with 0 representing 0% sound absorption and 1 representing 100%. Third-party laboratory measurements are performed using a recognized test procedure. In rare circumstances, the measured sound absorption coeffiency exceeds 1.0. As required by the test technique, these values are reported as measured not adjusted.

aluminium split batten

Each panel is shipped with an aluminium split batten kit. A robust, concealed wall mounting system that leaves no more damage than hanging a picture frame. Made of two interlocking pieces, one piece to attach to the wall and the other to the panel backing with two pre-drilled holes to allow for a quick and easy fitting. Spacers may also be added to create an air-gap between wall and panel to improve acoustic performance.

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