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Comfort & well-being

In rooms with hard surfaces, sound reflection off walls, floors and ceilings amplify the slightest whispers, increasing the noise floor. Long reverberation times in larger rooms can lead to as much as a 50% loss in intelligibility. This impacts the ability for people to concentrate, think clearly and be comfortable. Studies have also shown that poor room acoustics have a near direct co-relation with a persons heart rate and suggest that excessive room noise levels have a negative affect on cardiovascular health.

More enjoyable listening

Poor room acoustics can have a significantly negative impact on the performance of your sound system. Based on client feedback, listening room acoustical issues can often be corrected with as little as 2 panels (depending on room size and surface materials).

To hear & be heard clearly

Conference rooms can often be unnecessarily stressfull environments due to poor room acoustics that negatively impact upon speech clarity. Based on feedback from customers, meeting room acoustical issues can sometimes be solved by installing as few as 3 panels.

R3B, Acoustic Art & Basotect are not suitable for soundproofing applications.

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