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    Soundproofing or Reverb Damping?

A brief guide to understanding soundproofing and acoustic treatment products.

Room treatment products include, but are not limited to, Acoustic Panels such as our R3-B Acoustic Panel system, acoustical foam products, acoustic baffle systems, perforated or slotted timber acoustic partitions, acoustic diffusers, commercial ceiling tiles, perforated plaster and woven polyester acoustic boards. The primary purpose of these products is to reduce reverberation time.

The primary purpose of soundproofing products is preventing or reducing sound wave pass-through (between walls / between floors and ceilings). Generally, massive and dense materials such as thick concrete and steel provide best sound wave pass through resistance measured as "TL" = transmission loss (the amount of dB SPL or sound pressure attenuated by a material).

Alternatively, there are many lightweight soundproofing products available on the market today such as "Hebel". Hebel are high performance concrete bricks with high soundproofing and fire resistant properties.

There are many methods and techniques used to soundproof rooms, such as acoustic plaster combined with high density acoustic insulation and brick or concrete. In recording studios, the common soundproofing method is "false floors, ceilings and walls,
separated with an air gap and high density acoustic insulation (48-96kg/m3).

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