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R3B | Acoustic Panels

Australian made acoustic treatment that performs the important task of sound absorption across a broad-frequency range. Whether it's an open plan residential living area, podcast studio, restaurant or office, our acoustic panels will effectively absorb sound waves to eliminate flutter echoes and shorten reverberation times. This in turn will lower noise levels, make speech more understandable, and improve comfort.

In addition to reverberation reduction, the sound panels will create a much clearer, more defined audio experience. This will allow for a more precise and accurate representation of content, making it easier to hear every detail in music, dialogue, and other audio sources. By absorbing some room resonance and minimising unwanted frequencies, R3B Acoustic Panels can also help create a more dynamic & impactful sound, bringing added depth to your favourite music or movies.

Sound Absorbing Wall Panel
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fabric acoustic panels for walls
Broadband fabric acoustic panels for
walls and ceilings. Made in Victoria.
Standard size: 1200 x 600 x 50mm.
Custom sizes available. Suitable for
commercial & residential interiors

Acoustic Art Panels
Quality fabric prints with great colour
depth that transforms the broadband
R3B sound absorption panel into a
decorative piece of wall art limited
only by your imagination.

Acoustic Foam
Lightweight Acoustic Foam for ceilings.
Can be cleanly cut & are easy to install
using a suitable surface adhesive.
Available in custom shapes & sizes.
Available in white or light grey.


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