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Transform your noisy space into a sonic oasis with R3B. Crafted from only the highest-quality materials to ensure exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. To effectively reduce room reverberation and improve speech clarity, consider 50mm thickness. Select 75mm thickness for rooms that may benefit from extended low frequency absorption such as a home cinema or a sound recording room.

 Commercial - Residential - Healthcare - Education

panel placement

In order to absorb sound more effectively, position the panel so that it is directly facing the sound source at an appropriate height. In most cases, panels should be fixed at least 80cm from the floor (vertically) and if they are installed in a common area or hallway where people may stand and chat, we recommend that they be oriented horizontally and positioned higher up on the wall. The efficacy of sound absorption can be increased if the panel is displaced from the wall by 20mm+ rather than being flush mounted. Lower sound frequency absorption can be improved using this technique and incorporating spacers is possible thanks to the R3B Acoustic Panel's hard backing.

boardroom acoustic panel installation

restaurant acoustic panel installation

NRC - acoustic performance

Acoustic Performance - What is NRC?

In simple terms, the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of a material measures its ability to absorb sound. The higher the NRC, the more effective a material is at reducing the amount of sound that bounces around a room before reaching your ears. In general, a product with a high NRC rating means that less coverage is required to achieve noticable results. Products such as Bunnings 9mm acoustic pinboards typically have a NRC of 0.3. Ratings are expressed in decimals from 0 to 1, where 0 represents 0% sound absorption and 1 represents 100% sound absorption. Third-party laboratory measurements are done according to a standard test method. In some cases, the measured sound absorption coeffiency is greater than 1.0. As recommended by the test method, these values are reported as measured and not adjusted.

aluminium split batten

Our aluminium split batten system (supplied) is a robust, concealed wall mounting accessory that leaves no more damage than hanging a picture frame. Two pre-drilled holes allow for a quick and easy fitting and once interconnected, the spacing is a mere 5mm from the wall.

⚆ Features & Specs

  NRC 1.0+ (Class A)

  Assembled in Melbourne

  Hard backed enclosed design

  High-density acoustic inlay

  Odourless and non-allergenic

  Wall installation hardware supplied

  Ceiling installation hardware supplied

  Weight: 5.9kg (75mm), 4.5kg (50mm)

  Standard Size: 1200 x 600 x 50 (+/-5mm)

  Wrapped in 100% Polyester acoustic fabric.
(Australian made, Oeko-Tex & GECA certified)

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