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R3B Acoustic Panels

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Australian made and professionally constructed R3B Acoustic Panels provide the simple yet important function of absorbing sound across a broad frequency range. Whether it's an open plan living area, a teleconference room or a home office, our product will help quieten noisy areas by absorbing harsh slap echo and reverberated sound, making your space more tolerable and comfortable. Available in a wide range of fabric colours.

acoustic panels
fabric acoustic panels
R3B Acoustic Panels
Fabric wrapped acoustic panels
for commercial and residential use.
Standard size: 1200mm x 600mm.
Custom sizes are also available.
Suitable for most walls or ceilings.

Acoustic Art Panels
Printed Acoustic Art Panels
Prints with outstanding colour
depth that transform our broadband
R3B sound absorbing panel into a
decorative piece of artwork limited
only by your imagination.

Acoustic Board
Acoustic Foam Panels
Acoustic treatment for ceilings.
Can be cleanly cut & are easy to install
using a suitable builders adhesive.
Available in white or light grey.
Available in custom shapes & sizes.


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