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Turn down the noise and turn up customer retention!

A noisy restaurant can be a major turn off for any customer. When dining out, patrons expect to enjoy good food and great company, but the onset of constant chatter and clanging dishes can ruin their experience in a matter of seconds. A wall of noise can drive them away for good. In such scenarios, restaurant owners must take decisive action to combat internal noise pollution and retain their customers.

Here are some tips that will keep customers coming back for more:

1. Identify the hard surfaces: Determine which of these surfaces are mostly responsible for sound reflection. If a hard floor meets a hard & flat wall that is directly opposite of large windows, then installing panelling on this empty wall would be the perfect starting point.

2. Invest in acoustic treatment panels such our highly effective R3B and customisable, image printed Acoustic Art Panels: Installing our broadband sound-absorbing panels will reduce the impact of ambient noise while creating and aesthetically pleasing area.

3. Manage seating arrangements: If possible, position dining tables to be as close as possible to the acoustic panelling. This will ensure that sound waves emanating from the dining area are absorbed at the nearest point thereby minimising their impact on the overall noise levels.

Addressing the acoustical issue in a hospitality venue and ensuring that your customers are in a reasonably quiet environment, will see a boost in customer satisfaction and an increase in customer loyalty in no time!


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