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Fabric Acoustic Panels

Create great looking, great sounding rooms with R3B. An elegant, aesthetically pleasing addition to any space. Consider 50mm thick panels for general noise control applications. Highly effective at reducing room reverberation and making speech easier to hear clearly. Consider 75mm thick panels for rooms that require extended low frequency absorption such as home cinemas and audio playback/recording rooms.

⚆ Features & Specs

  Made in Australia.

  Hand made with care.

  NRC 1.0 - Class A (75mm).

  High quality materials & workmanship.

  Non-allergenic & virtually odourless.

  Split batten wall kit (view image).

  Angle bracket ceiling kit (view image).

  Size: 1200mm x 600mm (+/-5mm)

  Weight: 5.9kg (75mm), 4.5kg (50mm).

  Wrapped in high quality acoustic fabric.

  Low VOC emitting fabric contributes towards points gained in the following sections under the Green Star Rating Tool - Interiors v1.2: Indoor Air Quality - 8.3 Elimination of Pollutants.



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