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Fabric Acoustic Panels

Create a room that looks and sounds great with R3B. An elegant and aesthetically pleasing addition to any space. To effectively reduce room reverberation and improve speech clarity, consider our 50mm thick panels. Consider 75mm thick for rooms that may benefit from extended low frequency absorption in addition to general noise control, such as a home cinema or a sound recording/playback room.

Where to place panels?

In order to absorb sound more effectively, position the panel so that it is directly facing the sound source at an appropriate height. In most cases, panels should be fixed at least 80cm from the floor (vertically) and if they are installed in a common area or hallway where people may stand and chat, we recommend that they be oriented horizontally and positioned higher up on the wall.

panel placement

⚆ Features & Specs

  Hand made in Melbourne.

  Hard backed enclosed design.

  NRC 1.0 - Class A (75mm).

  Wrapped in Australian made fabric.

  Strict quality control in manufacturing.

  Non-allergenic, non-irritant & odour-free.

  Wall installation hardware (view image).

  Ceiling installation hardware (view image).

  Size: 1200mm x 600mm (+/-5mm).

  Weight: 5.9kg (75mm), 4.5kg (50mm).

  Oeko-Tex & GECA certified acoustic fabric.



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