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     R3-B™ Fabric Acoustic Panel
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   R3-B - Features & Specifications

 Acoustically Effective: NRC 1.0 - "Class A" rated.

 Visually Attractive: High quality materials & workmanship.

 Built to Last: Durable fabric, dressed pine frame + backing.

 Completely Safe: Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant

 Australian Made: Hand made with care.

 Easy Wall Installation: Aluminium split batten system.

 Ceiling Compatible: Simple angle bracket system.

 Standard Size: 1200mm x 600mm [+/-5mm].
   Custom sizes are also available. (surcharge applies)

 Weight: approximately 4.0kg (70mm), 3.2kg (50mm).

 Fabric Type: High quality 100% Polyester.

 Green Star: Contributes towards satisfying credits IEQ11,
MAT1 & MAT 3, Green Star® rating tool interiors v1.1.
Core - Zero Ozone Depleting Potential in both manufacture
and composition, Air quality is maintained with total Volitile
Organic Compound emissions below quantifiable levels.



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