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    R3-B Acoustic Panels

Australian made and professionally constructed R3-B™ Acoustic Panels provide the simple yet important function
of absorbing sound across the entire frequency range. Whether it's an open plan living area, a crowded restaurant
or a noisy office, our product can help quieten busy areas by cutting down on the harsh echoes and reverberated
sound reflecting off hard surfaces making it more tolerable and comfortable for everyone.

Consider 50mm thick panels for general noise control applications. Highly effective for reducing room reverb and
making speech easier to hear clearly. Consider 70mm thick panels for home cinemas, music rooms and studios.
Particularly when placed in corners of the room, these 70mm thick panels absorb more bass and will
help those low frequency sounds be heard evenly in all areas of the room.


   R3-B - Product Features & Specifications

 Acoustically Effective: Sound absorption "Class A" rated.

 Visually Attractive: High quality materials & workmanship.

 Built to Last: Durable fabric, sturdy frame with backing.

 Completely safe: Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant

 Australian Made: Hand made with care.

 Simple to Install: With our split batten system.

 Ceiling compatible: Using our angle bracket system.

 Standard Size: 1200mm x 600mm [+/-5mm].
   Custom sizes are also available. (surcharge applies)

 Weight: approximately 4.0kg (70mm), 3.2kg (50mm).

 Fabric Type: High quality 100% Polyester.

 Green Star: Contributes towards satisfying credits IEQ11,
MAT1 & MAT 3, Green Star® rating tool interiors v1.1.
Core - Zero Ozone Depleting Potential in both manufacture
and composition, Air quality is maintained with total Volitile
Organic Compound emissions below quantifiable levels.



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