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"Acoustic Panels" by CMF Acoustics are specifically designed to
control problematic echo, reverberation and noise in any indoor setting.
We provide a cost effective and decorative sound absorbing product
that's capable of exceeding a commendable *1.10 NRC rating.

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- R3-B™ Acoustic Panels - Powerful Aesthetic

Featuring a semi-rigid fiber core, R3-B™ Acoustic Panels are designed to be easily installed and offer maximum broadband acoustic treatment for rooms such as home theaters, studios, restaurants, halls, offices, conference rooms and other indoor or semi-enclosed areas where reverberation and noise is an issue.

R3-B™ Acoustic Panels by CMF Acoustics were developed after months of research and testing in Melbourne, Australia and are proven to substantially reduce room flutter (echo), reverb time (RT-60) and as a plus offer soundproofing properties as well. Panels are wall and ceiling mountable, fabric wrapped, pine timber framed with a semi-rigid fiber core and MDF backing.





r3b acoustical wall panel system

Sound pressure waves reflect off ceilings, walls and objects in a room creating slap echo and reverberation. The length and the intensity of reverberation depends on room size and how many or how few sound absorbing materials contained within it.

For example a typical home theater room is usually comprised of timber flooring or carpet, plaster walls and little else in respect to sound absorbing. The absents of suitable acoustic solutions in such a room will likely degrade a $1500 sound systems quality to no better than the $50 speakers inside a TV. "So, are the use of acoustic foam products in such a room rather than fabric wrapped sound panels a viable option?". While, foam provides good mid to high frequency sound absorption, the product clashes with room decor and aesthetics. Acoustic foam sound absorbers appear visually intrusive in any room other than a recording studio. R3-B™ Acoustic Panels  by CMF are a decorative, effective and affordable acoustic treatment product.

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