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Featuring a self-contained air-gap, R3-B Acoustic Panels are designed to be easily installed and offer maximum broadband acoustic treatment for rooms such as restaurants, cafes, office spaces, conference/board rooms, home theaters, studios and other indoor or semi-enclosed areas where reverberation and noise is an issue.

R3-B Acoustic Panels by CMF Acoustics were developed after months of research and testing and are proven to substantially reduce room flutter (echo), reverberation (RT-60) and as a plus also offer thermal and soundproofing properties. Acoustic Panels are wall and ceiling mountable, fabric wrapped with a lightweight frame and backing.

R3-B™ Acoustic Panels
Acoustic treatment suitable for
domestic and commercial use.
Standard Size: 1200mm x 600mm
Custom sizes are also available.
Wall & Ceiling Compatible.
Acoustic Art Panels
CMF - Acoustic Art Panels with art or
photo prints transform our standard
R3-B™ sound absorption panel into a
decorative piece of artwork limited
only by your imagination.
Eco Acoustic Board™
Eco Acoustic Board is a 9mm thick decorative interior wall covering of
woven polyester that comes in a
grey finish. A highly durable &
cost effective sound absorber.

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